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Ive a big problem with snails in my garden.  I went out last night armed with torch and salt but there were hundreds! -I hate killing anything but my garden is being destroyed.


Please help



  • DaintinessDaintiness Posts: 988

    As they say - you can't have everything. Beer traps mean at least they die happy! Other things you could do - encourage birds; make a pond if you haven't got one; make log piles for hedgehogs, frogs, toads etc. You could also pick up the snails and release them in a local wood - just not too local as they have homing instincts and will come back to your garden!!

  • jude5jude5 Posts: 65

    You could try to work out where they're coming from each night. Ours like to hide up behind the ivy. Then you can head then off by whatever method you prefer. Bet you can't catch them all though!

  • use blue pellets which you can get from a garden centre they worked for me

  • CHERRY4CHERRY4 Posts: 11
    A swift foot crush is the method I use. I then pray that when I die and hopefully meet my Maker that S/He isn't a snail!
  • WintersongWintersong Posts: 2,436

    I've spent years lobbing mine over the fence in the hope that a bird or passing car will dispatch said critter and I can avoid the guilt trip but this year I not only read that they make their way homeimage but also realised that it is only man that has a conscience and that nature encourages survival of the fittest so, I stamp on snails and guillotine slugs sans guilt (knowing that a grumpy tiger or bear would not think twice to do it to me) and at least I am not prolonging their suffering with poisons or salt etc.

    Fast and guiltless survival of the fittest just as nature dictates.image

  • CHERRY4CHERRY4 Posts: 11
    Quite so. I'll join your gang.
  • summerpotssummerpots Posts: 51

    I finally summed up the courage today and crunched a snail... it was having a feast on my marigolds!! Flipping cheek!

  • CHERRY4CHERRY4 Posts: 11
    3 in our 'Courage to Crunch Molluscans Gang' now.
  • I once speared a big fat brown slug with my gardening fork & it screamed put me off a bit didnt realise they hadfeelings ha ha

  • CHERRY4CHERRY4 Posts: 11
    Of course Slug Killers are admitted to our "Courage to Crumch Molluscans Gang' Now renamed Courage to Kill Molluscans & Squash Slugs Gang' in this age of nuemonics CK MASS Gang
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