Orange alstromeria

I have an area in my new garden about 3mx3m and I have just been told that the plant covering this area is alstromeria. It is very dense and must have been there for some time. Any suggestions as to how I can get rid of it.



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    You could dig up clumps of it, pot them and sell them at your gateimage These are moderately expensive plants in the G/C, and well worth selling I would think. I grow mine in a large pot, so don't know how large the roots are in the open ground.

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    Think I paid £9 for one in a two litre pot.last year. image

    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
  • Hi could you possibly put  a pic on of your alstromeria, just curious as i was wondering if it is crocosmia montbretia which i know spreads rapidly, and i had to dig mine out and gave it away ?

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    If you really have a 3m square patch of alstromeria you are sitting on a gold mine as "the fosters" says.  They don't root very deep and could easily be lifted and potted up.

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    The orange alstromeria is a proper thug. Almost impossible to dig up all of it. It just keeps on growing! Good luck.

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    I bought one of those last year but I don't think it's come back image

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    I've spent much of the afternoon trying to eradicate the orange one!! Have a beautiful more elegant one in a pot in the greenhouse, gorgeous, but these orange thugs - grrrrrrr

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    Hi, I thought alstromeria was hard to grow, I bought a small plant of it I think just last year and it has grown quite a bit, its orangey/reddish and has just started to flower, if its a bit of a thug I may get rid of it, i'm always digging up overgrown plants, i'll try and post a pic of it soon, wud like to know if its a thug! 

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    Thanks for all the replies, but even if I am sitting on a goldmine it is still a thug!!! I decided yesterday to start digging over the area and even at a spades depth I was still cutting through the white fleshy roots. I am going to lift all my other plants in this area and cover the ground with black polythene and leave it until next year.

    No flowers yet this year so can't send a pic.

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    We had it at my last house and it just kept winding it's way underground and popping up everywhere. I quite liked it but we had loads of room to allow it so it didn't matter. The heavy clay kept it well enough under control.  It was one of the few things the bunnies didn't snaffle. image

  • Just an update on my problem Alstromeria. In June after digging up all the plants and as much root as I could find I covered the whole area in black polythene weighted down with spare roofing slates. A few plants grew up at the edges of the polythene which were quickly killed off with weedkiller. This week I had to move a shrub into this area and under the polythene I only  found a few sad looking pieces of the plant which I dug up with the remaining roots. I intend to leave this area undisturbed now until next spring so fingers crossed 

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    Let's hope your fingers don't get cramp!! I've still got some small bits of it around, I refuse to allow it to flower - this is NOT the one which would lead to money, the pretty coloured ones are, and although they run a little,  they are nothing like the original orange - which is nearly as good/bad as evening primrose - not quite as bad as mile-a-minute vine, but heading in that direction! 

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    Im so glad when people highlight the thugs, (I think we have a thread for it somewhere) it's easy to make mistakes and buy something you think is going to be fine, the gardening books don't always tell the truth

    Hi from Kingswinford in the West Midlands
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    Not wrong there Y, when did you last see a book that tells you that most raspberries become rampant thugs?  But they certainly do …….

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    A further update on my orange Alstromeria.

    I lifted the polythene at the end of April 2015 and there were a few pieces around but nothing much. I went out every dry day and zapped any new shoots with glyphosate and I could gradually see an improvement.The ground was becoming quite compacted so at the end of June I dug it over thoroughly and was pleasantly surprised to find only a handful of white shoots..So far today on 15/7 I have seen no new growth. Fingers crossed time again. I will watch the area carefully until next spring and see what happens.

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    Oh I can not believe that you wish to get rid of this beautiful plant. I brought some back from Holland last year and this year they are flowering their socks off. I know they can be intrusive if not controlled but I love them and they are a very expensive plant to buy. They last so well in a vase as cut flowers too.

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    I don't like using weedkiller but the orange alsteromeria deserves it, tried digging it and decided the roots were in Austrailia, have been treating with roundup for two years now, it seems to be working gradually

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    The old orange one used to be called Peruvian lily, my granddad used to grow it in his garden where it spread all over the place!

    As Verdun says the so called cultivated one are temperamental about flowering,stop start should be in all their names!

    The ones I have are grown in either pots or tubs depending on their size!

    When Rock and Roll came out almost five years ago (that's when I heard of it anyway) I paid thirty six quid for three plugs, lovely flowers but they neither grow any larger or think about flowering now!

    The best one with me is Indian Summer, lovely dark foliage with good coloured flowers, when it starts flowering in late spring it goes on until the frosts and multiplies quickly to fill up any pot or tub it is in!



  • I have a 5 foot orange A. Flaming Star. It's so bright it hurts your eyes ! I love it as does everyone who sees it. It does spread but I wouldn't call it a thug. Just restrict it when you're weeding in Spring.
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