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Ants and My Strawberries!!!

Hi everyone, I was up my allotment this evening doing my usual rounds and on inspection of my Strawberries I noticed that one had been munched to within an inch of its life! I am certain its ants. They were all over my strawberries. I don't think it's slugs or snails as I have pellets down for them. Is there anything I can use to prevent the ants or remove them without damaging my strawberries further? I've have been told to also raise my strawberries on a bed of straw, can you tell me if this is necessary too? Thank you in anticipation!! image


  • LalatLalat Posts: 29


    Ants could well be the problem but they can't cut through the skin so something else such as birds would have had to cut the skin first but as soon as its open anything could munch at it (ants). Straw is agood idea to raise the bed and it stops slugs and snails (they might be the problem). Also to stop birds you could put a net down with small holes (so the birds feet don't get trapped in the net as well as it stop birds actually still getting in the net). For the ants you could apply ant powder down and refresh every now and then.

    I hope you've found this useful!

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