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Poorly plum tree

I have a 60 yr old plum tree in my garden that im very worried about! The main trunk of the tree is split into an V shape, this season the tree blossomed as usual however one side flowered 2/3 days later than the other side. The later side then didn't grow any leaves and from a distance appears to have died. The first flowering side grew leaves but one by one the branches have lost their leaves and there is now only one main branch that has leaves and some fruit. These leaves are slightly curled and some are yellow with brown spots. 

Tonight I took some cuttings to take to the garden centre for advice but the cutting I took from the first flowering side (which I expected to be dead) shows that the branch is still alive despite having no leaves and the tips of the smaller branches looking very brittle. The second flowering side is the same however when I took these cuttings, there was a yellow/brown sap oozing from the cutting.

Any suggestions are very welcome, the tree is very special and produces such wonderful fruit year on year.



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    Bumping up. 

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  • chickychicky SurreyPosts: 8,986

    I'm afraid i can't help, but if you are a member of the RHS they offer a service where you can send samples off and get the problem diagnosed really quickly.

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