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Hi I have had my Hedychium for around 6 years now and it is my pride and joy.  Although its flowers are only with me a short while each year the smell is amazing, and the flowers are so delicate.  It has survived frosts, snow, drought and my puppy digging it up! 

The problem I have is that it has got way too big for my small garden.  Originally I kept it in a pot, but finding an ever larger pot became tricky so about 3 years ago I put it in the ground.  It comes up every year, but I cant really plant around where it is because of the crown, and the shoots this year are coming up all over th place leaving a bare gap in the middle (there's probably about 2' from shoot to shoot).

I would love to be able to make 'baby' hedychiums from it, or perhaps split into a few smaller plants but i'm not even sure I could get it out of the ground now as the roots must be all over the place and probably mixed up with all my other plants. 

 Any suggestions gratefully received!

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