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What to do with my red saxifrage?

I have 3 of these in pots. Looked awesome but now they are coming to the end of their flowering & starting to look rough. One has started to look dead in the middle. Is this normal? What do they need now? Thank you!


  • sara haywoodsara haywood Posts: 143

    Loganberry Hut, I have no success with this plant, I only ever get one season out of it and then like you the centre dies and it is lost, I would love some advice also from an expert image

  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Saxifrage are fairly easy to repair actually. Break the clumps up, discard the brown bits and pot into very well drained mpc mix grit sharp sand and put some more grit around the top of the plant. They like very well drained conditions and browning usually means they have become too wet. It's been very wet in some parts so that may well be to blame, they're alpines so treat them with well drained conditions. But if they are of the mossy type don't let them dry out too much, a bit of shade at some time of the day is also beneficial.

  • sara haywoodsara haywood Posts: 143

    Thanks Dave, I will give it a go this year with my new plants!

  • Mine were potted as you describe, and I didn't water them. Think it's been the lovely Irish rain that we have had recently. Shame, they are lovely and have really grown! I'll try a salvage operation!
  • yarrow2yarrow2 Posts: 782

    I've lost every single one I ever had through careless care.  I had beautiful Peter Pans and another red which flowered prolifically in their season - and then the rain came and they rotted.  I love them but I'm not proactive enough to position them correctly and care well for them.  I'm near the Botanics and I think I must go on one of the courses they regularly have before I risk the spend and loss again.  Would be great to develop a little expertise.


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