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Best way to prune this flowering shrub?

CaralCaral Posts: 301

Good morning, sorry for being so vague with 'flowering shrub', but I don't know what this shrub is called. Its now finished flowering and last year I chopped it back in July, and its second flowering wasn't so good. Is it okay to prune it now? if yes how much should I take off  and where? Is it okay to use the one third rule? Or can it be pruned more harshly. Thanks for all your help. 






  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 3,996

    Looks like one of the many Weigelas. We prune ours after flowering and reduce each branch by about a third.

  • Forester2Forester2 Posts: 1,477

    That is so pretty Caral - don't know about pruning it though but Berghill's information above sounds just right.

  • punkdocpunkdoc Sheffield, Derbyshire border.Posts: 13,027

    For most shrubs, the best policy is to prune after flowering. If this is a Weigelia, then do as Berghill suggests. You can also remove a few old branches right down to the base, to alow ew stems to come from the base.

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  • sunnysarahsunnysarah Posts: 62

    Looks pretty much like a weigelia to me. Prune as soon as its finished flowering. Cut back any stems that havnt flowered and trim back the others to keep it tidy and in shape.

  • CaralCaral Posts: 301

    Thanks so much everyone. I've had a go and pruned it back, cutting any dead wood and took one major branch of very thick wood. I think it looks better, I didn't want to be too harsh with it and leave it looking naked. image

    Verdun, I think this maybe a Deutzia, a fuzzy one? I didn't have a clue that they should be allowed to grow 'arms' like the wiegela. I've been just like you neighbour and trying to keep it in a nice roundish shape. I will be letting it grow and pruning effectively from now on.  Thanks  image  




  • CaralCaral Posts: 301

    Oo lovely, I would very much like to see a piccy when it flowers, Verdun. I've had a look at deutzia this morning and by the looks of things it is all wood, some of it very thick almost trunk like, and the flowers and leaves seem only to be outside of it. Although I did see one or two new shoots coming up from the base. Do you think it would benefit from being rejuvenated or a partial rejuvenation?  Its about 8ft high and 4ft deep. 

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