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Repotting a rhododendren

Hi, can anyone help please???  My beautiful rhododendron is in a container and is just starting to drop the flowers.  It has almost doubled in size with new leaves.  This has all happened in the last week to ten days!!!!  This is the 2nd Spring/Summer I have had it. Can anyone advise if and when, I should re plant into a bigger container??

Many thanks


  • DaintinessDaintiness EssexPosts: 977

    I don't see why you couldn't repot now. It might make it easier for you to keep it moist over the summer if it is in a bigger pot. A few things to remember - dead head it;   water it well a couple of hours before you plant to repot it. Make sure you use ericaeous compost - sometimes labelled - compost for acid loving plants; water it in . Try to repot it in the evening and then keep it in a sheltered and shady position for a few weeks as it settles in, keeping it well watered. You could also feed it - again using food for acid loving plants to help it put on new growth  and build up to make next year's flowers.

  • PincoPinco Posts: 6

    Thank you very much for the tip, I will try at the weekend.

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