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Weed identification help!


Could anyone help me please in identifying this weed for me?  When we moved into our rented house I started finding this everywhere, and initially thought it fit all the descriptions for the dreaded Japanese Knotweed, apart from the fact that it only ever grows to about a foot in height (I have been pulling and digging it up as I go so it's only when I didn't know what it was that I let it grow).  When it was fully grown it had small plumes of tiny cream flowers at the top.  None of my neighbours have it, and over the last few years I seem to have weakened it's growth by consistently digging it up.  But I do need to know what the heck it actually is!




 Thanks for your help image


  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619
    Enchanter's nightshade?
  • Thank you, you're spot on (now I have Googled it!) - that has put my mind at rest (I always worried it was some form of knotweed and that I would have to go through all the process of contacting the council and having the hard work I have put into the garden destroyed.  Thanks so much!

  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619
    You're welcome!
  • Hi there Claire and figrat - so pleased I found this forum! I have just spent 2 days digging out this weed from part of my garden and replacing the soil.  I must have imported it somehow but goodness knows from where! It is a nightmare and doesn't seem to respond to glyphosate. Thanks for the help in identifying it! I was in the same place as Claire - knotweed or not - thank goodness!

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