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Grass shears

I am 65 and find cutting grass edges quite tiriing.  I am about to renew my garden shears and wonder if anyone can give me advice about the best shears to buy.  I cannot get along with the long handled ones as they are too heavy.  I see single handed shears are on the market but don't know much about them.  Any advice from anyone would be much appreciated.


  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Spikey, I had the same problem as you although I had the best long handled shears. One day whilst using a strimmer with a swivel head I decided to try it on edging the lawn it worked a treat.
    In time I learnt to put a plank down and walk along strimming the edge, this kept it straight and also cleaned the edge leaving soil instead of grass, no more problems after that.
    I still use the long handle Spear and Jackson shears on weed and even bushes no bother at all.


  • spikeyspikey Posts: 4

    Frank. Thank you for your advice.  I may give the long handled shears another try. I think strimmers are excellent. I can't use my husband's heavy weight strimmer that he uses for rough grass but a light weight electric one could be the answer.


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