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Slugs and lupins



  • Invicta2Invicta2 Posts: 663

    So long as it is well drained I think lupins are happy in clay. Back in the 1960's they were common in most front gardens in the clayey soil and wet conditions in Manchester. Back then there were no snails around and the hard winters probably help keep the population down, global warming has changed all that.

  • daffodillydaffodilly Posts: 14
    Slugs love fresh new growth. Keep your lupins out of garden until they are well grown before planting out. 
  • Success this year! In a pot (moulded concrete so a rough design helps) surrounded by small stones and started with a well established plant. Point taken regarding trying to force this issue but I see it as a challenge rather than wasting time on something that will not work. Good luck to others....
  • Try Nemaslug. You still need Sluggo for the snails though.
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