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Smaller Alternatives to Italian Cypress

Hi we are looking at alternatives for the itialian cypress which are smaller i.e upto about 5 metres.  So far I have narrowed the choice to three:


JUNIPERUS SCOPULORUM SKYROCKET versus Thuja occidentalis Smaragd versus Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Grayswood Feather'.


Would you be able to tell the pros cons of each ideally looking for the most columnar or most like the italian cypress, soft foliage 3 to 5 metres height.


Or suggest any better alternatives.


Kind Regards,



  • a1154a1154 Posts: 1,092

    I have been looking at these recently as well.  Im not put off by the size but read that the italian cypress are no good for windy sites, so I would be interested in alternatives similar looking but OK in wind.  

  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    ..I can't comment on Skyrocket or Grayswood Feather, but Smaragd is one I've been growing down the years because I absolutely love it... the thing with these Thuja's is that they can be trimmed as they regrow from old wood...  conifers never really stop growing do they...?... I've seen a very tall Smaragd in a garden in Devon...must have been 20 foot or more... here is a photo of mine..below... planted 5 years and now about 6 foot high... these were all small container plants when put in...



    ..others I like are Thuja 'Brobeck Tower'... this seems a bit slower than Smaragd but it's another I'm liking very much for it's pencil slim outline... this one is only about 1 year in the ground so still rather small, but it's getting there...



    ..this wonderful blue conifer Chamaecyparis 'Van Pelts Blue' is just gorgeous I think where you want some foliage of this colour...again it's not been with me long here..but it will grow on a hot dry bank on heavy clay full sun...where in about 5 years it will be 6 foot tall from planting..and only about 1 foot wide...



    hope you like..a little...


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