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Talkback: Organic pest control in the garden

Woodlice are eating the ripe strawberries in the greenhouse. How can I get rid of them?


  • herbgarden2herbgarden2 Posts: 86
    So true all you say I also use a brand of bio washing up liquid strongly diluted to spray the flowers if the natural helpers haven't got there yet

    It to
  • Adam PascoAdam Pasco Posts: 90
    Hi Felicity. Yes, the others are quite right that woodlice don't usually cause damage to fruit unless it has been damaged first by another pest to give them access.

    If plants are in pots, do raise these up or stand them on staging.

    Where plants are growing in border soil take measures to prevent fruit trailing on the ground, and avoid them getting soiled or attacked by pests. Tie developing fruit stems to short canes to hold fruit above the canopy of foliage.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thank you all. I'll try washing up liquid and tie up fruit.
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