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runner beans munched

still a novice at this, i thought that i would protect the young shoots from slugs etc but putting a toilet roll around the base of them but on returning to the allottment i found it just provided a cosy home for them.

I also didn't harden them off and planted straight from the greenhouse. So do you think the 'hardening' toughens them up from predators?

By the way, what are the main culprits as my father in law says he saw birds amongst them too?


  • I had mine behind the net and they are all munched off and all gone yellow now, with few small leaves above the ground.

    So it may not be the bird it has to be slugs..


  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,971

    Munching young shoots is more likely to be slugs & snails.  Birds will go for the flowers so they're just waiting their turn. image

  • FannyadamsFannyadams Posts: 22

    thanks. sooooooo ffrustrating eh. replacing them with my last bunch of bean plants - good luck fellas


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