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wild life in portishead

Just been for a nice walk at Portishead,This is a lovely place to come for a gentle stroll along the sea front.There is a coastal path to Clevedon if your feeling like a ice cream at the end.(jolly nice).There is a lake here at Portishead where in winter the black headed gulls collect,they were here today with a cormorant at the edge trying to dry his wings.Also lots of coots,moorhens,swans and ducks in including one very handsome one .There is also a walk on Battery point that takes you along a wooded path and round to the Quay.By the point the ships come really close to the shore ,a sight not to be missed.When the spring tide comes right up to the wall you often see a collection of terns .fluttering in and out the waves.image


  • donutsmrsdonutsmrs Posts: 479

    What a lovely discription flowering rose, makes me feel as if I am there. It does sound really lovely, you should have posted some pictures for us to see, but thank you for sharing that with us. image

  • Having been brought up near the Severn estuary, this reminded me of many happy birdwatching days. The first gannet I ever saw was at Arlingham, not far from Slimbridge.

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