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Hardening off - is this a good way?


am putting out my trays of growing stuff in the morning and bringing in at night. I do that for about a week and then leave them outside all night in one of these plastic tent things, as I dont have a proper cold frame.

Should I bother with the bringing in at night or just leave them in the plastic tents as soon as seedlings are big enough to put out?  

cheers, Alex

this is the sort of thing I am currently using:




  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,811

    It depends on the type of thing you're growing Alex, but you seem to be doing the right thing. I have stuff out in a plastic growhouse all night - it's warm enough here now to give anything a bit soft enough protection. An overwintered Canna has been out during the day regularly for a week or two and was left in that overnight from about ten days ago. The plastic doesn't offer the same amount of protection that a cold frame or greenhouse will, so you really have to play it by ear and know your own weather and garden conditions. Ventilation is really important during the day to keep  a good air flow - the temperatures can get very high in them then drop dramatically at night - that's what often kills tender stuff. Hope that's of some help image

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    Just thought I'd mention that the Met Office UK forecast mentions the likelihood of some chilly nights during the first half of June - it doesn't say how chilly ................ 

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