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New Greenhouse

Hi everyone

We are looking to buy a new greenhouse very soon and have more or less decided on the Elite Thyme 8' x 10ft Dwarf Wall model in green aluminium.  Does anyone have any experience of this model and would you recommend it?



  • Chris 25Chris 25 Posts: 50

    I know the model, but be aware if you have little or no knowledge as to the building of it, my advice have it erected  by the professional. make sure the aluminum from is fully sealed to the brick work otherwise you can end up with a drafty greenhouse when you won't need it. if i had the choice i would have prefer wood and brick you get a better seal, but just make sure you run Mastic the base of the frame once it is screwed down into the brick you will be fine, Have fun i love my greenhouse and spend hours in it.image 

  • flowering roseflowering rose Posts: 1,632

    no image,but one thing to say is always get  a good sized greenhouse as otherwise you will spend time wishing you had.

  • NoozeNooze Posts: 24

    Thanks for the tips so far, we've gone for the 8 x 10 for that reason.  The ones we've seen at that size look big, but then looking at the smaller ones, we know we would regret it. So we are going large image

  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,420

    Hi i am not familiar with the model, but i bought a green Elite Belmont 10 x 8 recently. My best advise would be read the instruction and again and again. In my opinion the instructions are not the best but Elite are very helpful when you ring. I am very happy with my greenhouse its great,  its like a second home or 1stimage . i put some pictures on the forum a few weeks ago if your interested.

     I would also get a bricky as well to build the base for you, could be an expensive mistake if you do it wrong.

  • Steve 309Steve 309 Posts: 2,753

    Yes indeed.  I have the great good fortune to be able to work in someone else's greenhouse - which is 30' x 15'.  It's nearly full at the moment and when the peppers and melons really get going....  However big your greenhouse is you'll wish you had a bigger one!

  • NoozeNooze Posts: 24

    Its no good me having a 30' x 15' - my husband would be hijacking it to put his cars in! The 10 x 8 will be ample for me (for the time being) image

  • NoozeNooze Posts: 24

    At long last my greenhouse was delivered last week and my wonderful husband has being slaving away installing it for me, just the glass to go in now and away we go.  However can anyone suggest the best thing to use for the floor?  Slabs? Gravel?  I';m hoping to have staging on the back wall and down one side to start with and I;'m thinking of trying rhubarb or most probably tomatoes down the free side, but don't know what to put on the floor.  any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated

  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,420

    Hi, i have my 10 x 8 GH slabs and a soil border on one side. personal i prefer slabs it easier to clean and looks more professional 

    I wouldnt put Rhubarb inside the GH, they can get quite large and take up valuable space, a rhubarb will survive outside they very hardy.

  • NoozeNooze Posts: 24

    Thanks for the tip, there is space at the back of it to grow some rhubarb so might use that instead


  • Steve 309Steve 309 Posts: 2,753

    Rhubarb is def better outdoors.

    I'd have a 3' bed each side and a path of  2' slabs down the middle and maybe  across the end

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