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I have about 100 strawberry plants now, started with about 10 few yrs ago, most are Cambridge Favourite with a few others, the leaves cover most of the flowers and fruit so nearly all the fruit is hidden from sunlight, should I cut some of the leaves off to let the sun in on the fruit? I actually started to cut some leaves off the other day, but stopped, as I don't know if it was the right thing to do, I know not to cut all the leaves off. I have been looking on the internet for info but not found any about this. I am looking forward to a lot of strawberries this year, hope i'm away on holiday when they are at their best.


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    Its what I always do.

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  • pierispieris Posts: 18

    Ta Lyn, I shouldn't think they need all those leaves, I suppose i've taken half of the leaves off, the trouble is the birds can see them better now. Just noticed silly me made a mistake at the end of my post, I should have put 'hope i'm NOT away on holiday when they are at their best'. Can't wait till they start to ripen. Hope I've not taken too many leaves off and done them harm.

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