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My True Blue Hydrangea

Sue43Sue43 Posts: 2

 Hi there,I cannot get over how true blue my hydrangeas were this year.  All I can put it down to is me feeding them tea leaves, cold brewed tea and sugar.  These are then added to the water in my watering can.  This mixture is the only thing I feed all my plants all year round.  I have  been totally organic for the last 3 years and the results have  been amazing.  All my flowers have grown in abundance, are very strong, large, have gorgeous scents and this mixture also seems to have lengthened their blooming period.  But it is the true blue colour of my hydrangeas that is the most remarkable.  I just wondered if any of you have had similar results or  have other tips to pass on. 

Best Wishes, Sue


  • I will try that,sounds like it could.I know you have to add copper to make them blue or as one year I tried Soaking Dandelion roots to make a feed and diluted and put on said plant,they turned a pale blue.That Idea came from some book I read but I am going to try your method and it sound s like good excuse for a cuppa!image

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