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Talkback: Rose rust

My climbing rose has some yellow leaves amongst the new green leaves is the plant short of food?


  • I know the weather is crazy but I cannot believe that a rose bush that was perfectly healthy in October now has raging rust! Its a small patio rose TG not near any others but is it too late in the season to give it a serious prune? I did prune it in Oct but now has lots of new leaf growth - go figure! Any ideas folks? Its a lovely little rose and I don't want to lose it but am worried the fungus will spread.
  • As soon as we get a good prolonged frost it will drop its leaves and you should remove all of them, including any still on the bush.  Either burn them or throw in the dustbin.  You should really only prune in spring otherwise the new growth which pruning promotes can be damaged by the frost and lead to more diseases so I'd leave it well alone now until spring.  RHS advice on pruning patio roses here:

    Note the link at the bottom under "Problems" to dealing with rust.

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