how to grow swede

i have notede that i can sow directly into the earth but already put them in pots. i made a similar mistake with my carrots last year and have planted them direct into the ground


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    I would always sow any root crop direct into the soil - but as you've already sown them in pots I would plant them out 9 inches apart as soon as they have four leaves (two cotyledons and two proper leaves).  Although they're in pots they should be outside - they do not need to be protected and will germinate much better out of doors but not in direct sun. 


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    Swedes dont like root disturbance. I sow mine in paper pots, three seeds to a pot and thin out to the strongest seedling. When big enough I plant the complete pot, hence no root disturbance and no spaces due to lack of germination.The paper rots away in the soil.

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    I always start my in pots. Then plant them out in the earth. They grow nice and big and taste lovely. So don't worry they will grow fine. Mine do and I have done this for the last 3 years as the ones I sow in the earth get eaten by slugs.

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    I have never sown Swedes in pots. Sow them directlyand thinly, thin out to between 5 and 9 inches apart depending on size required. One of the easiest veg plants to grow and no rush the can be sown in June.

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    Thanks for the replies everyone. I have since found advice in Terry Walton's Allotment book and he also says successful swedes can be started in both direct sowing or started in pots. image


  • I bought some swedes in pots from the garden centre this year as I forgot to sow the seeds!! They seem to be going great after I planted them in the beds. 

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    Don't want to rain on your parade, but swedes are best grown by a farmer in a field and purchased from a shop.  They are cheap and plentiful and as large or small as you want them.

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    i know where you are coming from WO but i am at a point where if i can grow SOMETHING is a result. at present i seem to spend more on protection than anything else unfortunately.

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    Beans, beans and more beans.  It is impossible to buy beans as good as those you can grow.

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