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alpine planting

gonna use some John Innes No 3 and horticultural grit for my alpines i brought. is that best? these will be in trough planters which i was thinking of using polystyrene like broken pot for the drainage and make it a fair bit lighter so they can be moved easier i the bottom 3-4 inch and the other 8 inch some soil/compost. again good idea?




  • DictamnusDictamnus Posts: 10

    Hiya kev, Alpines grow well in a trough, but must have excellent drainage with plenty of drain holes in the bottom and using a very free draining compost.

    No added fertiliseri is required so J.I. No 3 is totally unsuitable.

    Compost Mix: Equal parts loam, peat and coarse grit. NO FERTILISER! just 1 oz of lime per 2 gallon bucket. Mix well. It will look unsuitable, too coarse and well drained, but alpines live naturally in very barren inhospitable conditions, amongst broken rocks and scree and in rock cracks.

    They DO NOT need feeding!

  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 4,050

    I would use equal parts of JI no. 1, multi purpose compost and sharp sand. Finish top with thick layer of grit. But everyone has their own recipe!

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