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Talkback: How to deter carrot root fly

tom9760tom9760 Posts: 44
great thank you


  • thanks monty
  • Another worthwhile watch.
  • Last year I grew my carrots in an old bath on the allotment, it was so successful that I have now acquired 2 more baths. The carrot fly can't fly high enough to get into the bath.

    It is so great to have Monty back!
  • ? ?
  • this is a big problem I have so I am going to sow in a deep bag and cover with mess
  • cutiecutie Posts: 9

    just sow in a raised border, does not have to be that high to deter them and try growing strong smelling herbs or crops e.g garlic, onions near by. They can be grown in a greenhouse before the hot weather kicks in, its works for me.

  • Last year I grew the variety 'Resistafly', and it was the first time that I didn't have a problem with root fly.

  • I grew the variety 'Resistafly' last year for the first time, and it was also the first time that I didn't have a problem with root fly.

  • Last year I planted carrots in deep containers placed 15 to 18 inches above ground level. The fliies fly at less than this height. I had no problem with carrot fly at all

  • great thanks monty

    would a 3ft. raised bed be ok.
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