I have recently purchased and planted 2 young magnolia 'susan' plants. One is in a pot with John Innes 3 and the other is in clay soil. Neither are doing very well, both have brown tinged leaves which look to be withered.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,137

    DaveG there was a question on this yesterday and it sounded like frost damage, we had some nasty frosts last month.
    They do need well drained fertile soil neutral to acid though one version will grow on chalk.
    They want sun or semi shade and shelter from cold winds, mine are in semi shade getting early morning sun, a good mulch with home grown compost helps too.
    Many of my plants have been all round the garden before they really found the place they enjoyed and took off so do not be afraid to move them if required.


  • AtillaAtilla Posts: 1,493

    Palaisglide advice is correct, though I need to ask, are they bare root plants planted this year? The leaves to root ratio are out of sync due to the roots being removed, so with that is another possible reason for poor looking leafs. Keep them well watered.

  • DaveGDaveG Posts: 2

    Many thanks for the very prompt responses. Both shrubs were potted on purchase, one lives on a south facing wall and can be moved as necessary and the other is grounded and benefits from early and late sun.

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