Roots everywhere

Son just moved into an old house with large garden which must have looked outstanding 20 years or so ago. And because I own a spade & loppers & read gardeners world magazine or watch the t.v programe. Son & girlfriend seem to think I am Alan titchmarch or Monty don & are forever asking me questions well behond my experiences.

Which is where You lot my be able to help ?? I have cut some hedges and removed various over grown weeds/bushes it's going to be a long job.

But Todays question is Roots laying just below the surface and then spreading out not all of them alas there are still the deep growing ones that make me sweat whilst attempting to dig them out. But loads once you find them can be Tugged/Pulled along the Lawn often for yards !! What is the cause of this ??


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    Dogbowl - (I feel bad calling you that!!! by the way) :  I had the same scenario a few years ago when I completely dug over a totally neglected garden.  Everything had to come up, even the small lawn.

    I had the same issue with lengths of root from half an inch to an inch thick under everything.  Spaghetti junction!  Nearly killed myself chopping them with a spade, cutting with secateurs and loppers.  They were about 12ft long in places.  I was told it was bindweed but there was no bindweed to be seen anywhere.  But, looking at photos on the net, it certainly looked like bindweed.  The only other conclusion I came to was that it was the end of the (!) root system of an enormous gum tree in the garden next door.

    I'm afraid I had to do it all by hand.  Took 4 days.

    Yours may be something completely different but I sympathise.  It was hell!

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    Have you got some mature trees in/around your garden?  They're probably at the other end of the roots. image

    No-one knows if you've done your housework, but everyone knows if you've done your gardening !
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    I have the same problem here - roots from trees which were here before the houses as there's a lot of woodland nearby. The pavements have lots of raised areas too. It's a case of digging and cutting unfortunatelyimage

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    Firstly the name comes from a period years ago when whilst playing pool in a friends house I stood in the pets water dish, everybody else in the room shouted out " Ah Dogbowl" & the name stuck.

    Yes garden full with old tree's of all shapes and size's all appear to be strugling for light from nearby conifirs and hedges. Most growing at an angle trying to get to the centre of the lawn & out of the shadows. Some tree's are dead & rotting where they stand with all kinds of coloured mold on their branches / bark.

    I dont wont to remove everything just because its a funny shape or just old but I think most will go by the end of the tiding period. There must have been 20 hollytree's over various height and width

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