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Climbing weed

We have a persitant weed that winds it self around several trees and bushes in our garden. It will climb as high as you like.

I have tried to trace it back to its source, have manages to eradicate a lot of it. But it seems to spead every where, under the earth or grass.

The root is a creamy white colour and is very healthy! At the surface and above ground its quite thin and wraps around anything vertical. Below ground if I try and pull it out it snaps easily and seems to be well  established.



  • RobotRobot Posts: 137

    Without a photo it is difficult but it sounds like bindweed to me - yuk!  Are the leaves heart shaped and there are white flowers later?  You'll never get it by digging as the main root, which runs horizontally in the soil, can be as deep as 2 metres, but mainly it's higher than that.  If you don't mind using chemicals then I would paint some weedkill gel on the leaves everywhere you can and wait. 

    Some old gardener once told me that if you dig out the blighter as soon as it pops out of the ground and make sure you get every shoot then eventually it gives up and dies but if you let just one shoot go and the leaves get the sun then it stays. 

    Luckily I don't have bindweed in my present garden but I have battled with it in the past - and won.  Good luck.

  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    @ghog - lol you posted the exact same question on the 24th of this month, currently on page 2.

    Why post again ? 

  • ghogghog Posts: 5

    You must be refering to the post where I expressed my thanks to the 3 responces I had - have a nice day.....

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802


    Bindweed is very common-treat with a glyphosate based weed killer but give it time to work- perhaps2/3 weeks-it will kill right down to the root.

    Do not get it on anything you wish to keep obviously so it may mean entwining it from any plants and laying it on the ground-the more leaf area you can treat the better .

    I am having a nice day already so am ok on that one.

  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    Nope, I'm refering to the same question you posted on the 24th of this month, currently on page 2.

    They are no other answers then the ones that were given, the first time around - weedkiller or dig it out. Google is also your friend, its a wealth of information and further comprehensive reading.

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