Ive never been green fingered but ive recently started growing my own potoes.  everythings been fine for about 8 wks for now that the foliage is really growing well something has started to eat it!  ive also notice some slimy stuff on the leaves.  My first thought was slugs but ive been told they dont touch potato leaves.  Can any one help and advise on the best cure to get rid of whichever pest is doing this damage.

My potatoes are relying on you!



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    Slugs and snails do snack on potato leaves, and the slime trails only strengthens the case against them. There are organic slug pellets available if you should choose to use them. There are loads of slug deterrent suggestions, and I'm pretty sure other posters will advise you on them. But I reach for the pellets...
  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener LeicsPosts: 6,363

    I'm with figrat on this one - organic pellets used here.  Slug nematodes are an alternative, but they cost a fair bit.  The advantage with those is that they will also kill 'keeled' slugs, which live underground and make holes in the potatoes themselves.

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  • chriscarchriscar Posts: 1

    I have been told that slugs eat bran flakes which swell up and make them explode (the slugs that is). Can anyone confirm or suggest similar tips ?

  • chicken!chicken! Posts: 16

    Go out at night with a torch and pot of salt, very satisfying seeing them die. I also feed to my chickens in the day equally satisfying.

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    Love the bran flakes!
  • I've had the same problem. Thought that slugs were eating my potato plant leaves. ( have lots of slugs around but never saw any slime trails on the leaves) I used an organic slug bait and although I found a lot of dead slugs I was still noticing the leaves being eaten. So I went out late at night with a flashlight and to my surprise the plants was covered with pincher bugs. Makes perfect sense since they are nocturnal. Looking for a way to get rid of them. Hope this helps!

    Just noticed your original post is from 2012! Lol
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