Do I need to feed Cherry tree?

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Hello All. I have a cherry tree that was planted last year. It is now bent over from all the cherries on it. The came out a few weeks ago, but don't seem to be doing well. They don't seem to be getting bigger. They are turning yellow and pink. I was wondering if I need to give it a feed of some sort, or is it too late for that?


  • Jack - It is a tad late to apply feed that will affect this year's crop. Having said that, you could give it a feed of 'Growmore' (liquid or granules) or a mulch of well rotted manure.

    Btw, the mulch would have been more beneficial if it had been applied last autumn.

  • Jack 3Jack 3 Posts: 360
    Thank you David. I did give it a mulch last autumn and I think I sprinkled some blood and bone around it this spring. I will give it some Growmore as that's the only thing I've got in.

    Cheers for the advice!
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    Is it a yellow and pink variety? Like "Napoleon"


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