Sewing seeds

Hi, can anyone tell me if I can plant my seeds now, I know that they really should be in by April but I am not expecting to get anything off them this year, am just eager to get them going.

Have just started gardening so lots to learn

Thank you to anyone who replies



  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,409

    best to start them now than hang on to them as seeds in a pack, as I f you're anything like me you'll forget and find the packet in about 5 years!



  • AirwavesAirwaves Posts: 82

    Plant and enjoy, I'm sure they will soon catch up and you will have many blooms. At the end of the season why not allow some of them to drop their seeds----an autumn sowing.!

  • Thank you for that, treehugger yes am very much like you, I tend to put in safe places and then forget where the safe place is all the time, drives my kids mad. Airwaves am going to start them off then, have just planted Broccoli seeds indoors and have shoots am so chuffed, putting them out when sunshines and back in when it goes in as in Sunny Cornwall ha its not the best of weather yet. And am going to plant my spuds this weekend as well. Must admit am really enjoying this, got Carrots, Mushrooms, bell peppers etc all going from seed so have got to get something out of it.

    Cheers for replies. Joan

  • Green MagpieGreen Magpie Posts: 677

    Some seeds should have been in earlier, but some will be fine if they go in now - French or runner beans, courgettes, cucumbers, and (yes) broccoli should soon catch up. And it's not too late for carrots, beetroot, parsnips, and salad leaves.  I wouldn't bother to sow tomatoes or peppers now, it's a bit late - better to buy a few plants and then you're much more likely to get a crop.

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