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New lawn help!!

Hi, Last January we moved into a new build house and found the grass was dying so during last summer we took the old turf up. Put some new top soil down and laid new turf. But this year due to our rather wet winter, I have found the grass has died once again and moss is now taking over! Any ideas on what we can do? Am thinking its the drainage underneath. Also it's clay which our house has seemed to be built on. Thanks


  • DaintinessDaintiness Posts: 988

    I agree. I've just laid a new lawn and the preparation took forever.  It sounds like the builders have left a mess below the top soil. You are going to have to dig down and investigate as there could be several reasons for the  problem. The most likely will be compaction of the soil due to heavy machinery during the house building- digging down at least 9" and incorporating sand if the soil is heavy will be needed. Don't bring the sub soil to the surface as this will give you more problems but prick the clay  sub soil with a fork (full depth of the fork) if you can. Remove any builders' rubble, stones etc as you go.

  • Thanks for the advice : ) am trying to persuade the partner to try the grass ideas one more time using some of the advice given.
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