Blueberry bushes

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  • Blue berry bushes are ?image

  • Blue?

  • Sorry not sure what happened there! Would anyone know of a good hardy variety of blueberry bush suitable for outdoors in the North West of Scotland? Thank you
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    I've just planted out my blueberry bushes, I have 3 different types.  The one I've had in a pot for a few years - I've just thrown away the label as it's perished with time, but it has gone through NE Scotland winters no probs (I could root around in the bottom of my wheelie bin for the label, but that just wouldn't be very pleasant).  Just wish I could remember the name image I've recently taken up the GW Mag offer and got the Patriot variety, so hope that does well outside too.  I've submerged all 3 in plastic tubs in the ground, filled with Ericaceous soil image

  • I would recommend Blueberry Top Hat, it's self-fertile so does not need another Blueberry for polination.  It has white flowers in spring and beautiful red foliage in autumn.  I have one in a large pot (I don't have acid soil) which has survived being covered in snow and ice without any protection for 5 years, although I do have to protect the fruit from the birds because they love them as much as we do.  I bought ours on-line from Thompson & Morgan. Hope this helps

  • i have two  vaccium cor blue, and they have had snow &ice on them last winter even though we live in the south west and had a great crop this year

  • Thanks for all your help!
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