Ants in vegetable bags

I wonder if anyone can offer any advice on getting rid of ants from my potato bags? We've recently had astroturf installed & the ants have pulled loads of sand up from underneath it, and have now decided to move into my potato bags nearby. Obviously because it is food we are planning on eating, Im a bit wary about what I can use. Any suggestions? Ive tried flooding the bad with water and chilli powder mix, but havent seen any results.



  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 42,788

    They obviously used to live in your lawn and don't like what you've done to it so have moved on - not sure what you can do about it, other than return to the status quo ante.  

    Ants will find somewhere to live and if you get rid of the ones in your potato bags more will move into your garden from somewhere and find somewhere to live - if not in the lawn then in your flower beds, or plant pots or under your paving or in your foundations.  

    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
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    Hi Bex,

    I asked the same question about my peas, I was after a companition plant. I always feel a little easier if theres a natural to fix things, and had a reply back to say that they had managed to move on the ants by planting mint next to the peas.

    (my appologies I can't remember who the reply was from, which is shocking because it was only this morning!)

    They didn't say what sort of mint I'm assuming peppermint. Worth a try I recon. The only thing is Mint will rampage, so for my last 2 houses I've been really careful to keep it in a pot.

    The ants will just move somewhere else but I suppose as long as it's not next to your veg patch you'll be ok.

  • You can buy ant nematodes which are a natural predator of ants. You mix with water and drench the affected area. It worked on an ant nest in a large container in my garden last year. You can buy them online - just search for 'ant nematode'
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