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Talkback: Birds: helping garden birds in spring

Chris, 2 metres? You seemed about 3 metres up! ?


  • I disagree with the thought that you can keep feeders up in Spring/ Summer. I have , for the first time, and , reluctantly, took down my feeders. To my amazement , i have had just the same, if not more , variety's of birds ,on the lawn and hedges. This experiment was hard to implement , but i am reaping the benefit at the moment.
    Regarding the Box to attract Blackbirds etc, would not that be prone to Squirrels, and Magpies?
  • I have put a bird box on the side of my shed along with 2 feeders; one with seed and the other fat balls. They have been hung out for over 4 weeks and the food hasnt run out. Doesnt seem to work in my garden. Do you think its my dog scaring them away?
  • I like the idea of putting a plastic sheet on the grass to wait for the slugs to come up, for the birds to feast on. Brilliant.
  • Could your videos please have subtitles. I am deaf so I am unable to follow the instructions.

  • This has helped me a a lot and like the idea of covering the lawn , and I did not know you could have a open bird box.
  • I would say you dog id scarring them as we have a dog at work and when he comes round station they soon go or do you have a bird of prey around your area as I had one and all the wild birds stopped feeding until he left and as to the fat balls they seem to be very fussy I have the RSPB ones and they are hard but the ones in the red mesh they love, not saying the birds do not like the RSPB ones but just seems to take them longer to eat which cannot be a bad thing for the wallet hope this helps.
  • Please don't put fatballs out in the pastic mesh they come wrapped in as birds can get tangled in them. Tip:  If you put fatballs and other suet feeds in the fridge they last longer.  Try moving your feeders superbrill, if they are too near a bird box it can cause problems, also birds like to have some trees/shrubs nearby the feeders so they can duck back under cover if predators show up.  I have a dog and also a regular visiting sparrowhawk but it doesn't seem to put the birds off for long

  • awsome
  • I have blue tits  in my bird box, and had blackbirds in my bay shrub,the magpie got the baby blackbirds and they have now gone, also had a baby pigeon that died overnight probably somebody's cat. any ideas how I can protect the birds better. ps the bluetitis seem ok but I have seen a sparrow trying to get into the box is this normal ?

  • Hi I thought the idea of watering last thing and covering the lawn with polythene, then lifting in the morning to allow the birds to eat the slugs etc that come to the surface. Will definately give it a go!!
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