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Tips please to generate flowering plants for cut and come again.. have seeded several annuals but not sure about growth timeline from initial seeding to maturity and I want to improve for next year.  cheers


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    This is so variable, I sowed seeds that were due to flower in 6 weeks(according to the packet) and the poor weather  in April and May means that they are only 2 inches tall.  I have some seeds that say 10 weeks and they are struggling. It would also depend on the facilities you have and location. At this time of year I am doing much better with biennials.

    Which annuals are you trying?

    Can I reccommend this article 

  • Hello flora4,

    If you want to cut flowers early in the summer and then enjoy more blooms later, you'd be better off growing perennials. They have the strength in their rootstock, gained over the years, to cope with being cut back a lot. You'll hear the phrase 'Chelsea chop', which involves cutting back flowers after their first flowering in May for a second display in late summer. As Kate1123 says, it's a good idea to read the seed packets for timing, but weather conditions will always make a difference.

    Emma team

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