Hello!  What's the best position for a greenhouse? ie shadiness (full sun?), aspect (south-west??).

My garden faces south and the previous owners' have put the greenhouse at the bottom right next to the neighbours fence, with a shrub border in front of it.  So it does get a fair bit of shade. 

I've got a long term plan in my head of where I'd like everything to go eventually - got very little free time for gardening so may take 10 years (maybe 20...) but I like to have a grand plan.... wondering where in this plan the virtual greenhouse should be...

It'll be a while until I use the current greenhouse (apart from overwintering pots) so won't know for some time if it's any good  - I envisage growing tomatoes, peppers and maybe a grape wine. And (very long term) maybe using seeds, starting off strawberries, raspberries, herbs etc...

Thinking I should be leaving a spot free somewhere else for an additional greenhouse - whaddya reckon? What would work well in each?



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    Ideally-a greenhouse need siting where it get as much light/sun as possible-perversely it may need shading during the Summer but you don't want any permanent shading from trees etc.

    Again ideally a roof line that runs East to West is preferable but in the limitations of a garden that is probably not crucial or in some cases practical.

    Your neighbours -near to a fence and with shrub border in front of it does not sound ideal- but again perhaps that was the only spot?

    I have used the word ideal a lotimage

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    Think about water. You don't want to be carrying cans around and a hosepipe ban might make life very difficult. Siting the greenhouse close to the house where you have water butts and mains water would make sense. You might be able to rig up a syphon system to bring water to the greenhouse in either position though.

    It is also much more convenient to nip into the greenhouse for herbs, strawberries, tomatoes etc if it is close by. If it is a long trek to the other end of the garden it will tend to get ignored.

    As for orientation it really won't make much difference, after all it is entirely transparent. I think the east-west guidance is more relevant to long commercial greenhouses, domestic one's tend to be nearer square e.g. 10x8. Mine is 8x8 so it makes no differenceimage.

  • Cheers guys.  I'll consider where's best given your tips and leave empty for future use...

  • Our greenhouse, in a south-facing garden, gets some shade from trees, but gets some direct sun too.    This means we never have to use greenhouse shading in the summer, or wash it off later!    We avoided a spot where trees actually overhung it, so that falling branches weren't going to cause a catastrophe.   We have a water butt on each side which fills from the guttering we installed, and keeps the greenhouse going.

    My advice to anyone considering purchasing a greenhouse is to pay the extra it costs for safety glass.    I once threw a stone over the fence into a hedgerow, only the throw went wrong and it hit the greenhouse instead.    The stone just bounced off!   Phew!   The saftey glass is certainly worth considering if you have children or grandchildren using your garden.   

  • Hmmm. Just had a thought that could put a lean to on the back of the garage - it's a south facing wall. I was going to make it a patio area with fruit pots and train stuff on the wall but might be more needed for greenhouse. The site loses sun when it moves to the west as have big trees but that's a problem with the most of the garden. And, could then put water butts from the garage guttering. Yeys!
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