What plants/Bushes go well with Malus 'red jade'?

Kirsty dKirsty d Posts: 1

What plants/Bushes go well with Malus 'red jade'?


  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Kirsty, Malus "Crab Apple" would normally stand alone as with all apples they do not like competition for water at their roots.
    My Malus stood alone until it got too big for its boots and got the chop, we got plenty of fruit but how much crab apple jelly can one eat.
    You could try Dogwood "Cornus" they come in quite a few colours, they will be all leaf in summer but when the leaves drop you have wonderfully coloured stems all winter, then you chop them right down in Spring. They do like full sun, can grow quite quickly but in winter they brighten the garden up nicely.
    There are many things would go near your tree but they do prefer solitude, a bit like me?


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