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I found a Lantana in Lidl last night - not very healthy looking but it was only £1.99.

Can't find much info about it online - does anybody know anything about Lantana please? I've never even heard the name before!  The packaging shows it can take full sun or half sun but apart from that...........




  • tooniatoonia Posts: 25

    I've grown Lantanas and they are very easy except I would say they NEED full sun and lots of it to thrive.

    They are not hardy but can be overwintered inside, they lose all their leaves and play dead but do come back to life with sun and warmth.

    In other words, treat like a Pelargonium.

  • sunbeam2sunbeam2 Posts: 5

    Please grow these wonderful plants and reminisce about happy holidays abroad where this plant is in abundance. image

  • I would love to, sunbeam, but the plant I bought has just two leaves so I doubt if it'll wow the neighbours this summer and I don't think it's hardy.  Certainly the photos I've seen of lantana look absolutely sensational!  However, I'll stick it down, say a prayer, and then just keep an eye on it.  You never know, it might surprise me.

  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,730

    Lantana means different things in different climates. In Australia it's just about classified as a noxious weed. A bit like Morning Glory. Given plenty of sun and some moisture and they will go like the clappers, spreading and suffocating anything in their path.

    You probably won't have that problem!

  • Hello Supernanauna,

    Have a look at our information about Lantana camera. It's a great plant for bringing a tropical feel to the summer garden. Enjoy yours,

    Emma team

  • Thanks Emma - having read that, I'm tempted to try to keep it as a house plant!

    Thanks for the info.


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