Blueberry bushes

I have two blueberry bushes beside each other. Only one has flowered?? Can anyone tell me what's wrong or what I can do? I've had them for two years - prune?



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    I definitely wouldn't prune.  Is growth OK on the non-flowering one ? Try a bit of high K fertiliser ?  Diff varieties can flower at different times, but I would have expected you to see the buds by now if you were going to

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    Much too late to prune, I think. Did they both flower OK last year? 

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    mine are pretty much the same, there is very little leaf growth compared to last year and the tips have gone black as though they are dying back.

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    We had two happy blueberry bushes last year, but this time one is in leaf and bud nicely the other is not happy at all no leaf and black tips too. Wondered if a frost caught it and not the other one?
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    Thanks all. My bushes flowered well last year and the tips on the non-flowering one show no signs of growth at all but they're not blackened. Did wonder if they were too close to each other? At least one is ok I suppose!
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    Maybe a blueberry grower can help. I got my plants from Trehanes near Wimborne, Dorset. They have been in the business over 50 years and are very helpful. They have a website and I'm sure would give advice even if you can't go to see them. Or you may have an established grower in your area whom you can visit.
    So far my two bushes, bought last year, are doing well with green fruit already. I have just netted them so I don't lose it all when it goes blue!! 

  • I need help. I have just moved and gained a blueberry plant in a pot. It has few leaves on. It has flowered and produced a little fruit. It is very twiggy and not even slighty bushy. Any advice on how to look after it would be great as I am very clueless on how to look after it. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    I need help too. I've two blueberry bushes had one a couple years which bore fruit last year (only a bowl full) before the birds picked the rest in one dayimage and another one year old, think it's called 'top hat' which produced flowers this year but no fruit and little growth.

    Both plants look healthy and are in pots but aren't growingimage

    Hope there's a blueberry expert/grower who can help.     

  • This year I have had a much better crop than I have had in any previous 5 years, I am guessing they take time to get established. I think the reason they have done so well though is because of the high rainfall we have had.  My berries are what I would consider big, really pleased I am.


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    U usually have good crops from my two shrubs but this year theer was a heavy frost at blossom time and that killed off the flowers so very few berries this year.  I also lost a good part of my shrubs to frosts over winter.

    To remedy this, I cut back all the dead growth once leaf burst was over, fed them both with a good feed for ericaceous plants and mulched them with chipped bark once they'd had a good wetting following the drought we experienced from April '11 to April '12 but especially over last summer.

    Both shrubs have now put on lots of healthy new growth and will get a cage of fleece to protect them from the heaviest frosts and strongest winds this coming winter.  It'll stay on until blossom time next spring when I'll open it to allow in the pollinators.

    The Vendée, France
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