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hi all,

I have some some different types of aspargus in a row. one plant is now in the third year and has always produced only one very strong spear the others are only 2nd year and have multi spears but much thinner. the stronger single spear type always comes up later than the other plants. do I cut this strong spear this year to get the plant to produce more or still no cutting at all ?


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    Sorry Kev,you didn't get an answer and I haven't got a clue but I'll bump you upimage

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    Bumping again - anyone grow asparagus?

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    I might be wrong but I think Chicky does, might be that she's just planted a new bed. image

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    By the third year it should be producing more than one spear. Are these named plants or from seed? Are you feeding them well?. Asparagus like a good dressing of FYM in the winter, and a sprinkling of BFB in the spring. Also they have to be kept absolutely weed free so the later shoots do not get crowded out and they can build up a good root system to produce lots of spears the following year.

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    Sorry - not an expert (yet) - we have planted up a bed this year, and don't expect a crop for a few years yet.  So i have noted the FYM and BFB tips, and will be weeding again this weekend ..... thanks Fidgetimage

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  • cheers all popped up the supermkt bought some so the spear gets a reprive again this year but looks so temping even now at 3ft tall. weeding done ta.

    ps this was one of 2 plants from a garden centre chain my others are from on line RHS which are younger plants plenty spears but spindly.

  • lets see what happens next year. Chicky hope you do better.

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