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Hi all,  I have just made a new raised bed for veg on part of my lawn.  I had put weed, feed & moss killer granules on the lawn about a month ago, before deciding to cut a veg patch out.  I cut grass sods off the top, dug out some of the soil from, placed the sods upside down in the bed and covered with the soil.  Now I'm wondering if the granules will affect the soil making it unsuitable for veg? and if so, for how long? Thanks for any advice.


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    Any thoughts, anyone . . . . image

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    My concern would be regarding the weedkiller part of the treatment - I've no idea how long it remains active - it might be an idea to try sowing some cheapish seeds - radish, lettuce etc and see what happens. 

    Do you still have the packet the treatment came in?  Does it have contact details for the manufacturer's customer service dept?  I think I'd contact them and see what they advise.  

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    Thanks Dovefromabove.  Yes, I do have the packet, and will try that route.

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