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Help?  My husband and I have moved into a bungalow and are gradually building a garden out of the mess at the back of the house. We are two thirds complete.  In the middle third, which is about 10ft by 9ft, I want a pond, not a fish pond just a natural pond.  We have removed the broken crazy paving but underneath is about 2ft thick of rubble, hardcore and below that is clay soil that is immensely wet. I pretty much hit the water table there.  We do not have the resource to have the whole lot removed and redone professionally.  Well the only thing I can think of is to take away about 6 inches, flatten an area as much as I can, stick a preformed pond in, and build up around it with soil and the like so the pond appears to sit in a bit of a mound with a sloping side which I can hopefully plant something on. Does that sound at all possible ? Has anyone else got any advice or experience?



  • hartleyharehartleyhare Posts: 81

    Could you take some pictures of the area - it will help for people to offer advice. From my limited experience of gardening it sounds as if your idea could work. With enough landscaping and planting up around the pond it could look quite natural. Another alternative might be to add a raised pond. You can buy them or if you are creative enough make one yourself. I'm guessing a raised pond could be made to only stand 1-2ft high and then access creatd for wildlife. Sorry, not much help, hopefully someone more experienced will be along soon. I'm quite good at imagining how things could look but not so good at the practical application.

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