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how do i get rid of ivy on my walls


  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619
    Sometimes severing the main stem near ground level, then cutting out the next section by about 6-12" can be very effective. What are your walls made of?
  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    As figrat has said. Spray new growth with a glyphosate-based weedkiller as it appears. Allow the cut ivy to dry out on your walls until it is brown - three months or more - before pulling it off.

  • Moonlit HareMoonlit Hare Posts: 153

    We have a beast on the side of our wall and the trunk at the base is about 10 inches thick at least! the problem is we have sparrows and thrush nesting in there so we need to wait for the chicks to leave

    We've hacked out a chunk at the base which has slowed the growth big time and them we're going to cover the exposed bits with jays fluid in the hope it will kill off the root too... we've no other plants near by. and then finally we're going to have a bbq and invite all the friends and family around to help us pull it down!

  • Use a drill to make some deep holes in the exposed base of the trunk and fill these with sodium chloride (sold under brand name of Root Out or you can buy just as the chemical). Cover with a plastic bag if rain is forecast. That'll kill it! Nothing else will grow there for at least 6 months though. When you remove the ivy from your wall the best tool is a wallpaper scraper - it lifts the ivy right off easily!
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