leaves turning white

Several plants recently planted have lost the green in their leaves.  We live in Spain and the water is very poor - full of calcium deposits (which I believe will make the soil alkaline) could this be the cause?  I also have some geranium seedlings which germinated well but have not grown on very well(not grown at all for the past 2 months) and their leaves are also losing their colour. Just bought a weeping fig and only 2 days since we put it in the ground and it is starting to look affected.  Think we have lost a lemon tree we bought and the orange is not looking good even though a few weeks ago it was full of blossom.  Any advice gratefully received


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    Moved back up to see if someone can help.

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    Citrus definitely prefer a more acidic soil. You could try feeding with sequestrene. This has a form of iron the plant can take up. The calcium binds with  a  lot of elements in the soil and stops the plant using them.

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    Good advise from fb - Also look to see what's growing well in your neighbours gardens, if they don't have oranges and lemons there could be good reason.

    Also can you save rain water to use, you could be in a particularly hot spot in Spain with very little rain but it might be possible to rig up a butt which catches rain from the house roof. My brothers neighbour in South France does that as they are on a metre, when it rains, it's usually torrential and the butts fill up quite quickly.  

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    Many thanks to both for the advice.  We have a well which we were using to water but the level has gone down which makes it difficult to get the water out.  However it does explain why the orange tree has gone down hill.  We have only had 1 day of significant rain in the six months we have been here and that's what tops the well up.  We do go to a "font" to collect water for cooking so might need to start using that?

    We bought some "stuff" from the garden centre called Ferrale which I think is similar to sequestrene but not sure how often I should be using it?

    Thank you again and I think your advice has at least helped me to identify the cause

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