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Robinia Tree problems...

I have a Robinia Frisia tree which is usually very beautiful by now but the leaves have emerged and they are tiny, miniature versions of how they should be!  Have the leaf buds been damaged by frost?  Anyone have similar problem or know what the reason could be? TIA



  • Lion SLion S Posts: 263

    Robinia 'Frisia' is known to be hardy, so frost damage doesn't seem very likely. Has the bark been damaged in any way? Or has some work been done near the tree? Has the tree ever been pruned? What kind of soil is it planted in?

    When possible try uploading a picture, so we can have a look.

  • Abby2Abby2 Posts: 101


     I hope you can see from this pic.  It is about 3 yrs old now and definitely didn't look like this last year.  It is planted in quite poor soil but has been enriched and fed/mulched regularly.  I believe they tolerate poor soils but not sure if this is the problem.  Hasn't been damaged afaik and not been pruned yet as is a young tree.

  • Paul NPaul N Posts: 303

    Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia' is currectly suffering from a countrywide disease./virus. My own eighteen year old 20ft had awful die back and I've had to reduce it's height by half. At least your is in leaf but it may be the beginnings of the illness. Dry, flakey bark with a canker-like appearance will show it is in fact the virus. There appears to be no cure.

  • Abby2Abby2 Posts: 101

    Oh no - I had read about that but assumed as it was in leaf it could be something else causing the leaf problem.  I will be so sad to lose it image

  • Paul NPaul N Posts: 303

    I may be wrong in your case but I fear mine will be gone after this year. I have a Paulownia tomentosa in a pot to replace it, but it will be a loss for the UK's second most best selling tree.

  • Lion SLion S Posts: 263

    Please check if you haven't planted your Robinia 'Frisia' too deep. The upper most roots should only be a inch under the soil at most. These trees love poor, dry soils and do best when they are not pampered. They hate wet soils so I would stop mulching. 

  • Abby2Abby2 Posts: 101

    Not sure if it was planted correctly but the soil could be a problem.  Although it is poor, it is very heavy and cracks when it dries out.  It is also very alkaline.  Any tips for what I should do if that is the problem?  I will stop mulching it and watering it regularly.

  • I too am suffering a problem with mine, i seem to get less and less leaves each year and have a number of branches with no leaves on at all. However where i pruned low dead branches last year i do have signs of leaves growing round the cuts. It doesnt look good though and is normally the show piece tree in my garden. Miracle cure required!

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,637

    Mine has been fine for 9 years and, apart from losing some of its head in severe winds one winter, has always leafed up well.  However this year it's looking just like the OP's 3yr old so I reckon I may have to cut it down come autumn and find another golden leaved tree as mine is planted in a woodland corner with some purple leaved trees and shrubs for contrast.

    I've got my eye on a which I've seen grown as a small tree in a garden I visited in Charleroi.  Just have to find one now.


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  • Paul NPaul N Posts: 303

    "Pungently scented flowers"? Hmm, this is a new one on me. Pleasant or unpleasant?

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