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Wasps nest

Good grief, we now have a wasps nest in one of our sheds, so far this spring we have raised a family of robins in one shed a family of blackbirds in the bushes rabbits under our shed, bees nest next to our waterfall/pond and now we have a wasps nest in our metal shed, it's about the size of an orange just now, any suggestions as how to get rid of it ? it's about six feet off the ground in between the wall and roof of the shed...


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,365

    Wasp nest killer. Use it late evening when they're at home, it will tell you on the can. 

    I only kill them when they're somewhere likely to give problems. Like a shed.

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • Percy-GrowerPercy-Grower Posts: 253

    Oh the nest is in the worst place possible, it's a large metal shed we build for the kids when they were younger, it opens out on to our decking were we like to sit and stare into our pond, we have our 18 month old grand daughter over often and on nice days we spread a rug and her toys over the decking, so as much as it pains me to destroy any kind of wildlife it has to go, i had a bad experience with wasps as a child, i would rather there was a crocodile or something in my shed, never mind plants for wildlife and bug hotels and ponds it seems to me the number one thing to attract wildlife into your garden is the good old garden shed...image

  • Percy-GrowerPercy-Grower Posts: 253

    My two sons are just away out to the shed to take down the wasps nest, there doing the knock it off into a bag then into a bucket of water with a stone on top thing, the eldest is all covered up and wearing a gas mask, hope the neighbours are not looking he does look pretty sinister image

  • pr1mr0sepr1mr0se Posts: 1,194

    When I had a nest about the size of a grapefruit in my summerhouse, I stood and observed:  wasps are fascinating creatures, and they would fly back, walk around the edge of the nest, disappear inside, and then re-appear to add to the "papery" structure.  Having established that there were about a dozen wasps. I got my vacuum cleaner, and as each one returned to the nest, I vacuumed it up, and waited for the next one.  (You will gather that this was not a speedy exercise!!!)

    After a while, when I thought that most, if not all, of the wasps had met their demise, I vacuumed the whole nest, to find two nursery wasps inside, and cells of larvae ready to pupate.  These were easy to dispose of.

    Job done.  Each year I keep a close eye on the summer house, and at the first sign of nest building, I destroy it. 

    Hope this helps  -  a bit of time and care sorted the potential problem without chemicals or expensive pest-controllers.

  • Percy-GrowerPercy-Grower Posts: 253

    Thanks Violet, the job seems done, a thing i did notice extremely frequently like six in one hour was wasps drinking from our waterfall which is only about twenty feet from the nest, are they actually drinking or do they use the moisture in nest building?

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