Sad Eucalyptus Tree.

Can anyone advise me on what's happening to my lovely eucalyptus tree? It's expertly pruned and shaped every two years or so, over 30ft tall with plenty of new growth on the top, but noticed lots of dead bunches of leaves appearing all over the tree. On these same branches healthy leaves are growing with new growth at the tips. Should these dead bits be cut off? and why are they dying?


  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Wouldn't you, if you were bred to live in dry tropics and got brought here to a wet, dark, windy place?   Actually you have done brulliantly to keep it alive for 30 years, I have read that they do not have very long life spans, and I do just wonder if yours is coming to the end of its natural life?  The dead branches do become very brittle, and if large, could be a hazard to anyone walking nearby, so I would indeed get those cut off.

    The last two winters have been dreadful for eucalyptus, one desperately cold and the next very wet and still dark up to now, maybe the roots are waterlogged? Although it does take up alot of water when it can, it does come from very hot Australia where the water supply only comes ocasionally.  I'd give it a good haircut and see if it recovers, but don't be too surprised if it does not - sorry if I sound unsympathetic, I'm not at all!

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