Hi guys,

I seem to be invaded by swarms of ants this year. They are in my lawn, my plant pots and they've started to come into the house. Is anybody else having problems this year and what can I do?

My lawn is starting to look messy with piles of sand everywhere and is it a real problem in my pots or should I not worry?




  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 43,705

    We're getting some too, especially in the lawn.  I'm going over with a lawn rake to keep the heaps down so that when we mow we don't get bare patches.  If you do that the day before you mow and pour a good bucket of water into the ant heap when you've taken the top off they'll move on - but they'll reappear elsewhere - I think it's just one of those years.

    We've also got them in the compost heaps, but the regular stirring up and aeration seems to deter them.

    Where you really don't want them is building nests under your plants and in your pots - if keeping the soil/compost moist won't send them packing  you can treat the garden with nematodes which are very effective 

    Good luck image

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    I've had quite a lot here too which I think is unusual. There's a paved area laid on sand in my back garden and that's a perfect place for them, but they're in the house as well so it's a running battle just now! 

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  • Keyser SozeKeyser Soze Posts: 124

    We were inundated a couple of years ago and tried a number of deterrents. We were advised to try the bait boxes and they worked a treat.

    These little round tubs are filled with food laced with insecticide which the ants take back to the nest.

    Would highly recommend!

  • Thank you everyone. The battle is on.


  • SweetPea93SweetPea93 Posts: 446

    We are inundated with them too, and I'm quite allergic to their bites, come up in hives that itch for days, and then they swell underneath... sigh. I've had to ignore the garden for a few days it's so bad. I'm off into town today and hopefully will find some of those bait boxes. I don't much like the idea of killing them though...

  • DaisyheadcaseDaisyheadcase Posts: 315

    I would recommend the Baitstation brand or similar.  For me it's worth it as I hate ants even more than slugs and snails.  And that's a lot.  I find Baitstation really works.


  • I too have a problem with ants in the house, i`v put down traps thay seem tobe working but i keep seeing one or two.


  • Keyser SozeKeyser Soze Posts: 124

    That's the ones!


  • yarrow2yarrow2 Posts: 701

    Family member had terrible problem with them all around the outside of the house last year.  She was told to pour a trail of washing powder and they wouldn't cross it.  They disappeared completely.  No ants this year so far.

  • tom9760tom9760 Posts: 44

    there is an old way to get rid that work great,get some borax from the chemist and mix it 50/50 with sugar and put it near the the nests,they take the sugar and the borax into the nest where it turns into a gas that kills everything in the nest

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