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Delphinium seedlings

Fishy65Fishy65 Posts: 2,273

Last year a friend's husband who works for a property repossession firm,returned with some 'loot' that is left behind from such sad events.One such produced a huge collection of packs of seeds.Most are in excess of 10 years old and some older.This pack of Delphinium Pacific Giants is from 1999,so as you can imagine when I sowed some in cells about six weeks ago I was expecting nothing to germinate.I left the cells on a water butt next to my shed and gave them no more thought.Lo and behold I find some little embryonic leaves poking above the compost.

Because I wasn't expecting any results I was quite slap-dash and some are over crowded.I was wondering how easy it would be to separate the seedlings or to just see how they go.Also,has anyone else had seeds last this long? I suppose as long as the foil pack remains unopened this can happen.I'm still really surprised by the seeds surviving for so long.


  • Cultiv8Cultiv8 Posts: 9

    Fishy65, you must have such green fingers, I heard that delphinium seed needs to be fresh to germinate (up to 1 year old) so you have been really blessed.

    I threw away several packets recently that I forgot to sow . . . doh!  I didn't think I had a prayer with them, now I'm thinking that I should have chanced my arm.

    Anyway well done you!!

  • Fishy65Fishy65 Posts: 2,273

    Hi Cultiv8,

    Thank you for the compliment but I'm sure its plain luck. I do remember thinking I've nothing to lose and the cells already had compost in from an earlier project.Wow so up to a year old? I suppose its true that seeds will degrade the longer they are left but is there an element of suppliers wanting to sell us fresh stock?

  • Fishy65Fishy65 Posts: 2,273

    Here they are...I'm assuming they 'are' Delphs cos I'm sure nothing else went in thereimage





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