Sunflowers falling over

hi, I have been growing a couple of sunflowers on my window ledge, they havent yet flowered, I only planted them roughly a month ago, my plan is to give em to my gran for her birthday in a few weeks.

However, one of them fell over a couple of days ago, and now the other is doing the same, they are both... lol, about the length of a jaffa cake box :P (cant find ruler heh)

I water them every couple of days.

Ive heard that lack of sunlight can cause this, and it hasnt been particularly sunny in the last few weeks here so could that affect it ?

I decided to put a couple of stakes in to keep em upright but only have one, so for the other one I have simply put a toilet roll tube around it to keep it upright, is that a good idea ? or will it likely make things worse ?


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    They need to be outside - your windowsill is too warm and not light enough. You need to stake the second one, too, and then put them outside in a shelered place, bringing them inside overnight. That will help thicken up the stems and make them more sturdy. I presume that these are miniature sunflowers?

  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619
    They do need to go out, and even though the loo roll will keep the second one upright, it's going to make the low light problem worse. Have you got a chopstick or skewer or similar to use as a temporary support?
  • zibafuzibafu Posts: 4

    hmmm, the thing is, I grew one last year on the same window ledge with no issue o,0

    I'll take your word for it tho, I dont think they are miniature sunflowers, the seeds came from budgie seed mix LOL, same as last time, I'll go and buy some stakes this week, the loo roll card was basically just a temporary solution anyhow, cheers guys

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