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onion sets

Hello i planted onion sets in a raised border last month but i think i have a problem the leaves are about 6 inches high and dark green but the bulbs have changed colour to dark brown and soft...Is this natural or is it soft rot the bulbs dont seem to be getting any bigger also please help


  • Well taken them all out thanks everyone for the advice not lol

  • Hello Kevin Merriman,

    Sorry for the lack of responses to your post, please don't let it put you off! Onion sets do tend to go softer when they put out growth. I believe it's to do with using the 'food' contained in the bulb to produce foliage. Later, when they have foliage, they can use it to photosynthesise. Then they are able to grow the bulb and make the kind of onion that can be harvested. Have a look at our video on sets and Adam's onion blog. Unfortunately you've missed the boat for growing another crop this year, but you can start onions from seeds in the winter.

    Emma team

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